Help to Save The Planet, One Tree At A Time!

World is changing, as it does companies and their vision towards planet conservation and improvement of quality of life. That’s why, Éminence has done an addition to its green philosophy, which means that, for each Éminence product purchased, will plant a tree in developing countries. The initiative is called Forest for the future.

By choosing Éminence as your skin care brand, you can help to rebuild depleting forests and restore the environment! Simply by purchasing an Éminence productyou can make a difference – the power of a single tree is astounding:

  • One tree produces approximately 260 pounds of oxygen a year
  • One tree absorbs as much carbon in a year as a car that drives 26,000 miles
  • One tree lowers air temperature and helps prevent climate change

Since they have begun that initiative, Éminence is proud to say that already have planted the equivalent of 775 football fields (over 3’000.000 trees to date)

As you know, Novo Spa is an Eminence’s partner, and we have made our contribution with ¡3951 trees planted! and we look forward to help planting many more!

Novo Spa supports this initiative because we not only care about your health, but the whole planet wellbeing.

¡Click here and do your part!

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