Here at Novo we offer 4 different wellne

Here at Novo we offer 4 different wellness tea blends from the Tea Emporium:
Hold on to the taste of summer with our Forest Paradise Novo Exclusive Blend –
This blend is a combination of delicate Japanese Green Tea with a delicious fruit combination of berries and added Vitamin C and calcium carbonate, a great vitamin and immune system booster. Try Forest Paradise at your next visit to Novo Spa!

Black, Green, and white teas each have their own unique health benefits.. Which kind of tea is best for you? Read on here:

Do you feel like maybe you’ve had a bit

Do you feel like maybe you’ve had a bit too much sun this summer?

When skin has been exposed to the sun, it becomes dehydrated and signs of ageing can appear. In order to help your skin counteract the negative effects of UV rays we recommend trying the Guinot Hyrdradermie Sun Facial: 75 minute Facial | $115.00.

This unique and highly effective treatment uses gentle galvanic and high frequency therapy to deep penetrate active after sun specific ingredients and aid in hydration.

Book Guinot Hydradermie Sun Facial Online: