Novo Spa’s Staff Product Pick of the Wee

Novo Spa’s Staff Product Pick of the Week:
Our Spa Coordinator Ami is addicted to Honeydew Body Lotion by Eminence: “The honeydew fragrance smells so tasty but isn’t too strong. It goes on smoothly and I like how it absorbs quickly without feeling sticky.” This hydrating body lotion helps maintain and improve skin texture and tone, while soothing dry skin.

Purchase Eminence Honeydew Body Lotion here:

Brand New Eminence Organic Enzyme Peel F

Brand New Eminence Organic Enzyme Peel Facial

Effective natural exfoliation for all skin types.

A delicious purée of yams and pumpkins accelerate the exfoliation process to peel away dead skin cells, reducing pigmentation, fine lines and sun damage. The natural enzyme content increases collagen production to leave skin firm and radiant with increased elasticity.

If skin type and conditions permits, this treatment will include Diamond Microdermabrasion.

For first treatment allow 60 min in which the therapist will analyze skin and recommend treatment and post treatment.