Self Tanner: The Right Way. One of the b

Self Tanner: The Right Way.
One of the best kept beauty secrets… that should stay a secret.
Sun baking and UV tanning beds are a thing of the past; self tanner is a good way to excuse yourself from the harmful effects of the sun, and still have the sun kissed glow we all dream of. Self tanner needs to be applied properly in order to look natural; here are some tips from our very own Skin Care Specialist, Charlotte Rae, on how you can achieve a star-worthy tan.
1.You must exfoliate and moisturize, “dry skin is prone to streaking, so you must exfoliate and moisturize, with ample time to absorb the moisturizer.”
2. Wear Gloves, most of the high end self tanners will come with gloves to help prevent orange palms.
3. Apply evenly, “use small circular strokes to avoid streaks”. Tip: A spray is a good option for those hard to reach places, such as your back. Charlotte recommends Fake Bake Airbrush Self Tanning Spray.
4. Don’t go too dark! Prolong color by using a daily moisturizer and reapplying self-tanner every 3 to 5 days, don’t over do it.

Still scared to attempt self tanning at home? Come in to Novo for a Scrub & Tan, includes a full body exfoliation, and tanning application. Great results, perfect for a wedding or event!

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